Projects At-A-Glance

The projects undertaken by Hun-tre! originate with THE MANIPUR FIELD TRIP, an international exchange project in late 2004. More than 70 individual and groups programs provided cultural immersion and research for several American arts initiatives in this isolated and little-known region of the world. Participants included filmmaker Les Blank, choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, arts curator Zette Emmons, theater director Erin Mee, film producer Muriel Peters, media curator and project director L.Somi Roy and arts producer Bonnie Sue Stein. Read more...


The U.S. Manipur Baseball Project, a non-profit venture established in January 2005 in New York. Hun-tré! is affiliated to First Pitch and works to help Manipuri baseball teams and to build a center for baseball in India. The third Major League Baseball International Coaching Camp will be held in Imphal from June 4-11, 2010. Join First Pitch on Facebook.

re:PLAY Internesenal Dokumentari Kumhei is a new international documentary film festival with a special focus on sports and performance. It will take place in Imphal, Manipur (India) from June 9-13, 2010. Join re:PLAY on Facebook.

DIGITIZEMANIPUR is a private international initiative for the digital preservation and conservation of Manipur’s ancient and endangered Tibeto-Burman manuscripts in the old Manipuri script. It is based in the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. The project is projected to start in September 2010. Join DigitizeManipur on Facebook